My Opinion – The Disaster of Tsunami in Memorium

It was happened about six years ago, afthet the Christians celebrated their Christmas. The terrible earthquake has shaked our west love coutry. Aceh got it all, not only teh terrible earthquake but also the heavy waves from the large ocean. People who lorked for fish in the sea have fallen down far from their places. They were gone everywhere in the heave waves and last but not least Meulaboh town has hit too.

Thw histerious shouted from children, adults, men and women were heard everywhere and every time. They ran out to a farther places, but they were rolled into the great waves. It happened very fast. Not longer the waves were slow down and we could see a lot of death people laying everywhere. The children lost their parents, and the parents did too.

The bad views were shown and it was alaso perdomed on TV and other mass media, The acxident surely touched the deepest of our heart. It was a small copied of tsunami accident. Although we live far from the location but we also have responsibility to free them from their suffer.

A lot of helping came from national or international town or country, such as USA, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, etc. Students, actors, mucisians, the youth, the citizen of our nation taking part together rhe money, food, clothesm medicine, and many others. They were not only need goods but also they need to rebuil their soul. In this occasion I want to send a poem for my friends in Aceh.

Free Their Suffer

Lord, the seviour of people

Are you so wrathul, dear Lord?

Are these because of our sins and mistakes

The disaster happened in Aceh

Lord the Glorify

Earthquake and big strom hit them

Their crying were soulful

Their shouting were frightening and hopeless

My Lord

What’s the meaning of all?

Death poeple laying everywhere

You shill love them, don’t you?

You see, my Lord

My heart full of sadness to hear it

I asked from my deepest hart, or Lord

Help… help them! Free their suffer….

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